America: My View #indivisible

I have read the open letter from Howard Schultz of Starbuck’s discussing America. When I read that letter it reminding me of a conversation that I had with my wife on that very topic.

Is America still great? I guess that depends on your overall viewpoint. I look at that question and think back over my years and think, there are things that are better and some that need to get better. Sort of a mixed bag! I will take the stance that we are not great, but just okay. Why? Take our political situation as an example. We are not getting much DONE. We have lots of debate, name calling and finger pointing on almost every issue. The getting stuff done has been replaced with politics of party lines, liberal vs conservative, left vs right or blue vs red.

Over the years, my wife and I have had different political views. Let’s say it was a house divided. When I was growing up, my parents political views were much different than mine. In some cases, those views have changed. The only good thing is that we disagree in over principle, but yet can get stuff done. Why? We would look at the bigger picture. It is time for those that have been voted in, to look at the bigger picture. This is not about your “party” or your personal views. It is about AMERICA. It is time for you all to step up and put “making America great again,” first. How do we do that:

  • When you both are standing on the opposites sides of what should be done. It is time to really listen! Listen to what is being said. Educate yourself on the pros and cons of each side. Guess what? Sometimes a third alternative comes out of listening and thinking for yourself.
  • Really know who you represent. It isn’t about the party or special interest groups. It is about the PEOPLE that put you there. Get out and meet them, gather their thoughts and act accordingly. With today’s social media and connection possibilities – you have no excuse to not even try.
  • Be a person of action. Results are the only thing that matters. Giving outstanding speeches or looking good for the camera are over. I (and many others) want someone that makes stuff happen. If you don’t – then, don’t run for re-election. You had your chance, you did not meet the results necessary to continue.

It is time for making America great! Keep in your mind…. Will this make America great? What we are doing today, is not working… Enough of the baby steps on some things and backward steps on the others. Time for a massive change – and make it forward only.

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