Why So Much “Reality” TV?

Why are there so many “reality” TV shows? I use the word “reality” very loosely… Seems that when a video camera gets in front of these so called real people – they quickly become someone that they are not (or maybe that is the real person). When I was out and about on vacation, I was listening to folks that were discussing the latest episodes of a couple of their favorites. They were discussing how catty those people were, talking over each other, fighting and backstabbing. Seems like great TV… Not!

Is this the example that we want to give to the youth growing up? Do we really like to have role models like these folks? Most people belittled Charles Barkley when he said he is not a role model. Let’s hope that these folks put out Barkley’s message – no belittling these folks. I think we need to put a disclaimer on everyone of these shows that communicate this is not a reality show. What you see in this show is just the opinions of self serving folks. Please do not try anything you witness in this show.

My adult children laugh when they see a show that I grew up on… In fact, I laugh too. What are people going to think about what we are watching today in 10 years, 20 years or 25 years? Laugh? Probably not…