Dear Blog,

Oh my poor blog.. How I have neglected you. I finally logged in and found that I was 5 updates behind. It has been over 3 weeks… Those 3 weeks have not been without me thinking about you. I have spent time thinking about what I was going to write. Thinking about why I have not been staying on top of feeding you. All I can do now is apologize for failing to keep the polish going. With one small promise – “I am back!”

Today’s post is going to be an update to the “Retired Guy” Series:

I have been busy! I have been interviewing for various types of work. It has been great to get to talk to some pretty amazing people. Always good to meet new people. Especially those that make you think about what you want to do, what you are passionate about and what makes you excited to get up in the morning. Thanks for filling those days with some great conversation.

Finished up some of my volunteer work… Az4Education is going strong. Blog changes are now 90% complete (please take a look). We just finished up reviewing all of the fall 2012 scholarship applications. Nothing gives me a better feeling than to provide a scholarship to many lucky students. Helping people is very rewarding. Completed and presented a number of times, a culture survey for a local non-profit. This opportunity gave me a deeper look into the social sector and how things work. I also got to use the many learning’s that I have experienced to help out an organization. The past month has been filled with lots of opportunities and great personal rewards for me. I am glad that I can do these items for others.

Summer is especially a busy time for me. Who could not enjoy vacations, family birthdays and just spending time with family. Vacations are coming up quickly… Birthdays are pretty much done for a couple of months. The past two weeks, I have had to eat at least 4 different birthday cakes. Twist my arm… Who does not love cake? Spending time with my grandkids is really something special. They make me laugh. They keep me hopping. They really keep me young.

Again, I am apologizing to my blog! I will do a better job in the future.