Driving Around Town!

Well, summer is here early. At least the heat is! We have had some elevated highs the past couple of days. All the while, I have had to do some additional driving. Driving around you get to see some very interesting things. I just have to share some of those observations…

  • With all of the news of crazy laws from our Arizona government over the past few years, how about finally doing something to “help” drivers. Over the past week, I have witnessed lots of distracted drivers. You know those folks. The ones that are either texting or doing email while driving. We have a no texting law, but it has not stopped many folks. Add to those folks that have to multi-task while driving – taling on their cellphones. Today, I almost was hit a number of times by a person that was busy talking on their cellphone. They just had to have more than their lane. Bluetooth technology is now cheap… Get a bluetooth! I also got to witness those folks that use their phone in speaker mode. This is not hands free! Holding the phone in front of your face, just is not what hands free was meant to be. Time to make it official – hands free is a necessary law!
  • Do people know that you can’t pass when a school bus is stopped and their red lights are flashing? I was witnessed to 3 different times over the last couple of days.
  • Another one that just demonstrates the lack of communication with the family unit! There was a mom that was driving a car full of kids with her headphones on. How about taking some that time to “talk” to your kids. Practice some reading of signs, ask them questions about what they did in school today or anything that demonstrates that you have an interest in your kids?
  • I think this next one is my pet peeve. It comes when you are driving during the carpool times that restrict the lane to 2. Like most big cities, these times are necessary to help limit the traffic. At least for those folks that have 2 riders. I can not tell you how many single riders were in the carpool lane. Not just when the clock switched over, but hours in.

Was this out of the norm? Probably not. Maybe with the heat and my having to drive around more than normal – it got to me. I am getting somewhat short on these activities. I do my best not to be a distracted driver. I believe that I have to, in order to not be in an accident. Defensive driving on high…


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