Year 3 Completed

We all have birthdays! How many times have you heard, “where did the year go?”I’ve heard it and I know I have said it a few times. Years can go by quickly. Another year is officially completed for my personal blog. It is the 3rd year! 3 times is the charm. When I started out blogging externally, I took a goal that I would blog for 3 years. Goal met!

I am overall pretty satisfied with the stats. 100 posts per year and visitor growth again was over 100%. I have taken goals to write more often, but have struggled a bit with what to write! I have plenty of ideas, but I just don’t want to put out anything. I think that I have finally settled on the blog theme and design (yet to be deployed, but coming soon). I have seen an increase in comments. I just really enjoy getting comments! Don’t be scared…

I have been doing some other work (blogging and website work) over at AZ4Education. Check it out, please!

Goals for year 4:

  • 100 quality posts
  • Release of the new theme and design
  • Continue the increased traffic to the site. We all want to know that someone is coming here. I know I do, it keeps me going.
  • I have lots of stuff in the works, that I will be sharing in the weeks to come… Stay tuned.

Thanks for the regulars that come to my site! If this is your first time, I hope you come back.


  • Your attitude on blogging is good. You should keep up with the patience and efforts with you blog, visitors are coming in constantly because of those hard work so far. 3 years is just the start of your amazing blogging career ahead of you. We will surely anticipate for more interesting topics.

  • I’m coming up on my 3 year mark with my blog as well and over 1600 visitors.  26 years of fighting the VA condensed into 3 years . . . I’m tired!

  • Harder – it would be good for you to have a blog. You can help other Vets with your experiences. Would be very helpful (plus some therapy for you)..