Manager Behaviors: My Pet Peeves

Are there certain behaviors that you don’t like to see in your manager?  Ever just sit back and watch your managers at work and how they behave? When I teach new managers, I always ask them what are some of the behaviors that they have witnessed that they would not want to do or use moving forward. The list from those new managers is pretty consistent with some of the behaviors that I find I would not want to use. I have five behaviors that managers do or don’t do that explain to me, why I would never want to work for that person. Those behaviors have correlated to the overall performance of the individual and the team that they managed.

  1. Manager fails to build trust. When you look at trust there are three basic qualities that need to be present (integrity, openness and respect). If you are the manager, do you say or do things that erode trust? When I am mentoring new managers, I always point out that as the manager you set the tune for the team. Make sure that you manager with openness and respect. Always act on what you say. Your team is watching your every move. Make sure you are doing the right stuff.
  2. Accountability. You need to model and build accountability. You want need to demonstrate that you are accountable. How many times have you seen a manager blame someone else? Look for excuses for why something did not happen? Accountability should be discussed and rewarded.
  3. Getting caught up with self-importance. How many times have you heard, “the power has gone to his/her head.” From time to time, I have heard from some managers, “I did this, I did that.” Everyone knows that it took the team to accomplish the work that got done. I usually love to correct them.. Nicely pointing out that the right word to us is WE over I. New managers have got to watch out for this one. It is easy to become adsorbed with the new responsibilities.
  4. Playing an ostrich. Nothing like burying your head in the ground. The good managers are not afraid of hearing about issues or problems. In fact, they want the environment of openness so that their team will step up. Then the manager can be accountable for getting their stuff done. Building on the first 2 items above.
  5. Focus on the wrong things. We all have goals and want to achieve outstanding results. Most good managers stay focused on that particular prize. There are plenty of potential distractions that pop up from time to time. You just need to remember a few items. Are those distractions wasting time and resources to achieving the overall goals?  What will working on this distraction help with making our overall goals?

There are more behaviors that you have witnessed that set you off, let me know which ones?

Working with teaching new managers has helped me to keep a focus on my own behaviors. It is way too easy for any manager to lose sight of their behaviors. Never lose sight of your own actions…

  • Been there, and also had managers that no matter how hard the department tries to tell them how to do something, go and do it their way anyhow – the wrong way!