Ever Read Something and Just Said “Hum”?

I was reading some of my email subscription materials (SmartBrief on Leadership) today and was got me thinking. Is that truly this experience today or is it what we hope to be doing? Below is the overall output from those leaders that answered the survey.

What caught my eye was is this way we, as leaders, think we are doing? Leaders did answer the question. When I was interviewing folks, back a few years ago, I would be completely honest as to why they did not get the role.

  • Not qualified – this could be that they really don’t have the minimum requirements or they did not demonstrate to the interviewers that they had the skills.
  • Better candidate was chosen – I know we all like to think we are the best candidate. There will be times when someone is chosen over us.
  • Need more experience – sometimes there are lost of needs within a job opening, some of those needs are higher priority than others. You may meet 90%, but the lacking in that 10% is the key.. Hiring manager really needed that.

Since I have gone back in the job market, I have found that I don’t think I see much of any of the activities… We maybe a combination of some of them. I did get the recruiter call that told me I did not get the job. Reason, “We have a candidate that was better suited for the position.” I know they did! I went onto ask, “was there any feedback that I can get to help me with further openings?” Silence…  Most of the time it is just an simple system generated rejection email. Safer that way, I guess.

Next time, I think the survey needs to add an answer – “We are not allowed to provide feedback”. I bet the percentage on that one, will be the highest.