State of the Union – My Take

I am not one for writing about political matters, as it is one of those hot topics that is normally best left to the political experts. I am just your average US citizen. I like to think that I am informed, but I know that I am not as informed as I should be. I watched President Obama’s State of the Union address last night. The President laid out how he wanted to address the topics that we all think are important. I am not going to debate what  each point was or where I stand on it… I have my views and they are mine. Not going to share them. You have your opinions as well… Those are not the point of this post… The point is going to be my observation of what I heard and saw during the address to the nation.

When I heard – most Americans feel that Washington is broken. Well, that is my opinion. I don’t care which side of the liberal or conservative beliefs you are on… The fact is Washington is broken. There is no what that anyone is going to get anything really done in the current way Washington is working today. When the President was talking to the very simplest ideas of how things could be better. We all got to see that many stood and applauded and others sat and did nothing. There were a lot of examples of this. For me, I wanted to know where my Congressional folks were sitting and to see if they were in support or just sitting idly on their soft spot.  Why? Would let me know if my elected officials were doing the job that “I” want them to do. I was someone sickened by the way the display of the Congress is showing support for making America better.

How I am going to make it better? Well, that is a tough one – as I am only one person. I believe that actions have to start somewhere. I believe that I need to do something on my part to make where I live a better place. I owe it to my kids, grand kids and the future that comes. Back to my question, how am I going to make it better!

  • I have to first educate myself better on the overall reality of what I hear. I know that there is more ways to report out statistics and facts can get shifted a bit. I need to understand reality. I need to know more! Time to be an informed voter…
  • Understand how my elected representatives are doing with their voices and voting on those important topics. I need to see who is doing what, by their actions.  Asking the all important question, “are they acting on my behalf or their own?”
  • When it is time to vote… VOTE. The only way my actions are going to be heard is by voting. Doing my homework on the candidates, their past actions, promises that they make (and have kept) and the stance on “my beliefs”. I am only one vote, but if we all get out their and do our part, then change can happen.
  • Get involved… Spend time meeting with or corresponding with your elected officials. Time for them to hear my voice… If I think they are doing a good job on something – let them know. If I think they are off base – let them know (with options).

I hope to never witness a sight like I saw last night. When we see the party lines being drawn in a State of the Union address. Has this been going on forever? Yes, but it is time to stop. The President used an analogy to the US soldiers and how they must work together to accomplish their mission – or it will fail and people could get killed. He was trying to call out each branch of government on this. We are at a crisis level on almost everything – it is time to really work together to insure that America is the best it can be.

So, I am putting on notice to all of my elected officials: I am going to learn more, review your performance and let you know my thoughts. You want to stay working for me – you better be doing what is in my best interest (I am just like every other 98% of America).

Step up or get out of the way…

Photo: Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos