One Year Later

Time flies! On this day a year ago, I officially retired and left the building at Intel. When I decided to retire, I was worried about what the future was going to bring and how would life after 28 years at Intel be like… All in all, I have been pretty happy with everything that has been going on. See the Retired Guy Series for the updates…

I got a few questions that I thought I would take some time to write my thoughts on.

1. Are you happy with your decide to retire? Answer: Most definitely! I have had plenty of time to do many things, that I would not have time for, if I was still working. I have done plenty of volunteering! I have done plenty of reading! I have been able to dedicated more time to my family. I have been busier in some areas than if I was still employed.

2. What do you miss most? Answer: The people! I have met a lot of smart and dedicated people over my 28 years. Some of those folks, I stay in contact with even after I have retired. Not to say that I haven’t met some great people in all of my volunteering, because I have. I had built relationships over many years with folks that are all over the globe. I just can’t keep those relationships going as they were. So, I have new relationships that I am building to few that void.

3. What are you plans moving into year 2? Answer: More volunteering and getting back into the workforce. Let’s face it, with my wife working and me not – the dynamic of retirement is not really what I want. So, I have rested for a year. Got healthier! Refocused my priorities! My second career will be a joint relationship… What I mean by that is, the company or organization and myself will be a great fit for each other. I don’t want a job! I want to have a real partnership. Which brings out the best in both of us… I also will not stop volunteering. It has been a very rewarding experience that I want to continue. I will make “time” – that is a promise.

I had a great experience over my work history. I have given plenty to the company, to the organizations that I worked for and the people that I have met along the way. I have gotten plenty back as well. I still feel like that is what I want in the future. I look forward to  what the future holds.

  • Hi Steve.  What kind of volunteer work are you doing?  

  • Susan – Thanks for asking. I am active in a couple of areas. At a local elementary school, Haley, I am on the site council, take care of the schools Facebook page and do volunteering in the classroom and judging for science and spelling bee. I also spend time helping out Valley of the Sun, Big Brothers, Big Sisters as a volunteer in helping with orientation of bigs. Lastly, I help with marketing a 503c non-profit STO (Az4Education) – helping with social media, blogging and getting donations to help students with scholarship opportunities to attend private schools. I have interviewed with Encore Fellowship here in Phoenix, still waiting to see if I can connect with a social sector fellowship (Next round of fellowships will be starting soon).

    I really look forward to volunteering when it comes to giving back and helping the future. So, whatever the opportunity is (and it covers that criteria) – I am in!