New Year, What Are You Going To Do Different?

It is that time of year where we are start to think about what our new year’s resolutions are going to be. There are those that are personal, like losing weight, exercising more, taking better care of yourself, being nicer to those that you love and smiling more. Those are pretty standard stuff… My list is:

  • Taking care of myself. I know that I need to do this, as I am not getting any younger. My adult children, remind me about all of the new parts I have and I need to do a better job of not needing anymore. They are right!
  • Losing some weight. Goal this time is about 15 pounds. I put on some weight late in this past year, hip surgery and not being able to go to the gym have that effect.
  • Getting back on my gym routine. The middle of January, I should be released from my hip replacement. Physical therapy is going well!
  • Smile more! Do what makes me “happy.” Spending more time with family. Need to get more hugs from my grand daughters.

How many folks make professional resolutions? Do you sit down and focus on what you would like to change? I do… These resolutions are different from the stuff that I have to work on within the job. These are the ones that I want to do better in, for me and my team.  I usually write them up and share them with my team. I want them to help me… Makes me feel more accountable. Here is my list:

  • Continue to focus on my volunteer work with Az4Education, Valley Big Brothers, Big Sisters and Haley Elementary. I would like to add one more to my list – So, searching for that non-profit that I can either volunteer or work for…
  • Start writing my manifesto. I have been talking about this and really need to do it! I have a couple of folks that have asked. Time to stop talking and deliverable. Getting stuff done.
  • There are more coming…

What are you thinking about? Care to share?


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