Best Week of the Year, Productivity Wise

When I was working for a large enterprise, I used to love coming into work the week after Christmas. Why? Simply put, there were very few folks around. Seems like everyone loves to take that last week off to spend time with the family or just relax. Me, I went into the office for one thing… To get stuff done! Why? Far fewer distractions. With most of the office staff off, the cube farm was extremely quiet. With most of my team out, I had less to keep up on. Giving more time for me to get manager stuff done. No due dates were ever place on the last week of the year. Sounds silly, but review almost all of the stuff that you ever had to get done. Did it ever fall on the last week of the year? Again, more “free” time to get the other stuff done.

What I used to focus on that last week of the year!

  • Employee performance appraisals. If your company uses a review system, this is the week to really sit down and focus on the overall performance of your employees. Quiet time in the office – is a wonderful time to sit and think, jot down some notes on each employee (accomplishments, strengths and areas to work on).
  • Next years plan in more detail. I used to have to submit my yearly plan around Oct of the year before. Usually by the end of the year, you would receive your budget and such. Use this week to really lay out the upcoming years plans, expectations and goals in a rev. 0 fashion. Once everyone is back, go over the rev 0 plan and firm it up with your teams inputs.
  • Reflect back on the past year. Write done the accomplishments and successes that your team and you have done. Share it with the team with a nice thank-you note (it should be in their inbox when they come in).  I would send off this to my manager, to share what the team has done. Most managers, would copy all and add their thanks to the team as well!

What would you do with this week?

I truly enjoyed going into the office! The stuff that I got done was important to me and my team.