Retired Guy: Long Time, But…

I have been neglecting my “Retired Guy” series. When I started this series, I thought it was a way to keep my friends updated on my happening’s. I never thought that I would get much readership. The other day, I got an email asking for an update to what I have been doing. Followed by another one. A direct message came in. Followed by a couple of instant messages. I guess people were reading the series. About time for me to put forth an update. Hope you enjoy!

  • As many know, I decided to have a total hip replacement on my right side on my birthday. Nice present to give yourself. Everyone had fun on Facebook and Twitter with that one. I am so thankful that I have folks around me that keep my spirits high during something like that. My family was completely awesome! To update everyone – I am doing very well. It has been a little over two weeks and I am moving around quite well. Just waiting for my okay to drive.
  • Az4Education is moving ahead full stream. Been busy working to increase visibility and get the word out. We have seen an increase of tax deductible donations. Of course, we would like to see some more. Non-profits are definitely feeling the effect of the economy. We have seen a huge increase in scholarship requests. Our organization would love to give more.. We just need more to give.
  • Took a short break from searching for my “second career” because of the hip replacement. Hip replacement is going well, now it is time to restart that search. I was able to find three positions to apply for. One of them has already scheduled an interview. Still getting positive vibes from applying. Hopefully, I will find that position within a company that fits the both of us. I have so much to give and yet some much to learn.
  • I am still volunteering with Valley of the Sun Big Brothers, Big Sisters.
  • Continuing to be a community member within the Haley Elementary site council. We are focusing on making the community around the school to be the strongest in the district. For my part, I am helping them with using social media to get their message out. This gives me the opportunity to learn and try stuff.
  • Had some interviews with Experience Matters. They just kicked off the very first set of folks that are helping non-profits. Even though I was not selected in the first round, I hope to hear a more positive response when the next group is selected. Giving back is very important to me.

Time is what you make of it. My time over the past month’s has been a bit fragmented. Since my health is in order, it is time to get focused and serious again. Time for me to be all in. Getting out and about…

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