Personal Thank-you From Steve

As many of you know, I was going in for my second hip replacement surgery last Thursday (10/13). That date is a joke for many as it was my birthday and who else would have scheduled their surgery on their birthday. All joking aside, the hip was bothering me so much that the day did not matter. No one can exactly tell, why and how the joints just failed. It was probably all the contact sports I played over the years, the lack of proper stretching or maybe a combination of both. Either way, both hips have now been replaced.

The big joke with my family is no one wants to go to the airport with me. I get the extra pat downs and screening due to setting the alarm off. I just added another place for the alarm to go off. See me in the airport – realize I plan on at 2 hours before hand. Gives me plenty of time…

Right now, I feel great! I am doing what I am supposed to by taking it easy, exercising and resting. I would to thank everyone for their good thoughts and prayers for my recovery. Those nice words by email, Twitter, Facebook or Google+ are always a welcome sight. Realize that I will be a bit slow to post to my blog for the next couple of weeks – you will understand.

So – thanks again to everyone…

  • I got my 2nd hip 1 1/4 years ago and I dread airport security as well.  What’s your best time for clearing security?  Mine is 45min.  A customer came in the other day and told me how he handles it.  He flies between DC and Portland routinely and said the fastest way, was to rent a wheel chair.  (He’s also had both hips replaced.)  He was telling me how he typically cleared security in under 15 min., since he started renting a wheelchair at the airport (I’m guessing he’s talking about skycab).  Anyway, he said it was worth it to him.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry you had to go through that – especially on your birthday – but I’m glad you’re on the mend!

  • DanQ

    Glad to hear your recovering well.  I hope it’s easier the second time knowing what to expect.

  • @DanQ – thanks. I definitely am having almost the exact same experience as the first time. Since I heal up quickly – that is a good thing.

  • @jmoriarty – thanks. The birthday things was definitely a bit of a downer. The meds were pretty good. Hope to be out and about in the community soon.

  • @sharder8 I never thought about the wheelchair rental. Seems like that would definitely cut the waiting in line. Will have to keep that in mind for the first couple of trips. Thanks again for reading and commenting!