Tossing and Turning to Success

Ever have a sleepless night because something important was hanging on your head? Work and life can definitely give you something to think about when you are trying to sleep. Got a big presentation to a large group the next day? Having to have a real deep discussion with an employee, that you are afraid will not go well? Going in for surgery? One of your adult children are getting married the next day? Some of my best work has come when I was worried about a situation and spent most of the night, tossing and turning worrying about that situation. For that big presentation, I would be reviewing it all night long, trying to insure that I presented all of the key points. Trying to understand all potential questions and have answers for them. That difficult discussion is one that I really play over and over again in my head. Have to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. I’m writing this today, because in a couple of days, I will be going through my second hip replacement surgery. Since, I have already been through it about 3.5 years ago, I am playing the whole situation through my head. What to expect, what to do, and how I will handle everything. Being prepared is key…

I used to try and block out those sleepless nights, but figured why? It is part of my DNA. I want to do my best in every situation and losing some sleep over doing my best is a fair price to pay. I used to have a notebook on my nightstand to help me capture the thoughts and worries from my sleep. Not anymore. I just chose to get up and document my thoughts in my digital notebook. Then come back to review, rewrite and act upon my notes. It has worked over the years… When I was delivering messages to employees that were being redeployed, I was able to play the discussion over and over in my head. I was definitely prepared for the worse, but never had the worse happen. For those big presentations, I have to say, they have gone very well. At least that is the feedback that I have received from the audience.

I know I am not alone, am I? What do you do to move on from the tossing and turning? Do the notebook or hope to remember everything the next day?