Labor Day – Thoughts

Does anyone really know what Labor Day is all about? When it became a national holiday? What does it really mean to you? I did a little research to find out that this holiday was a rush job through Congress to get recognized. It took a whole 6 days to get done. I guess back then, Congress did not debate and hold up everything. Getting back to Labor Day, it became a national holiday 1894 when following some deaths of workers during the Pullman Strike when President Cleveland reconciled with the labor movement.

I was thinking back over the years to some of the other things I have heard.

  • We celebrate it as an end of summer.
  • How about this one? Labor Day is the last day of the year for women to fashionably wear white.
  • Kicks off football.. September usually is the start of the NFL and NCAA football.
  • When I was growing up. Labor Day was really the start of a new school year. There are still locations that wait to around Labor Day to start up..

I like to think of Labor Day is a day to celebrate for the working men and women. With way too many folks not working these days, puts a damper on Labor Day. Maybe I will have to look at this holiday as some of the off the wall ones above. Or hopefully, Congress and the President will look back on when in 1894 Congress was able to act quickly and make a decision. Only 6 days… We need action now more than ever… We need more jobs! Not the call for more jobs, but actually jobs. How about it folks?