Temperature Hot, Driving Not

Phoenix is usually pretty hot in the summer time. The jokes are it is a dry heat. Well, this time of year there is nothing “dry” about it. With this weeks over 110 temperatures and the humidity in the air – it is just plain hot. My wife left a bottle of water in her car, when she went into work. When she came out it felt pretty close to boiling. I chose to live here and love it, but with the temps as they are and how people drive – there are some really wonderful observations… These actually have been witnessed by me – this week..

  •  Folks in a car without or broken A/C – with the windows down. No matter how fast you drive the air outside is not going to be refreshing. Those folks, actually were wearing long sleeves. I was sweating just looking at them.
  • Turning left with two lanes of traffic and crossing over into the other person’s lane. Normally not good anytime, but add the high temps and watch the next few feet of interaction.
    • Watched one person – flip off the driver that was actually driving right. I guess they thought they were the only one’s turning left.
    • Next up, one PO’d driver – roll down his window to scream at the person that turned into his lane. Well, it is really hot outside – skip the window going down. Plus other person could not hear you anyways.
    • Horn blows for about 1 mile. Not sure if the heat caused the horn to stay engaged, but 1 mile.
  • Steering wheels are really hot… Watching some folks drive with:
    • Gloves – great idea to lessen the extreme temp of the wheel. Just that the A/C usually doesn’t cool the car and your hands get pretty sweaty.
    • Lots of leg driving. Look mom, no hands.. Well, if you are wearing shorts – I bet those thighs get the heat.
    • My favorite: Driving with the tips of your fingers… Add the texting or talking on the phone and you have a really distracted driver.
  • Refreshments are always a great way to cool down! Of course, the adult variety is not welcome. I actually saw two people sitting at the light drinking away – with the cop next to me. The cop saw them too! Open Container at a minimum.
  • Short fuses everywhere. The fast lane becomes the extremely fast lane – and if there is one slow person in that fast lane… Looked almost like cutting someone off or turning in their lane. Not pretty..
I know it is hot out there. Most drivers are not really doing a great job of driving – either because of the heat, distractions or just plain bad or extremely young or old driver. The best thing to do is for you to be more defensive driver with a cooler head than the outside temperature.
Anything that you have seen that really was out of the ordinary?
  • Ran into a new one today – While the school bus stop sign was out and the flashing lights going. This person just passed me while I was stopped and went on through the bus stop. I guess the bus and I being stopped means nothing.


    It is hot hot hot… enough said.