Retired Guy Series: Latest Update

For the folks that enjoy the Retired Guy Series, this update is filled with some good and not so good news.

For the Good news:

  • I spent most of the last couple of weeks helping out with my daughter’s move back to the east valley. She has been wanting to move back to this side of town for awhile. Her and her husband are finally in their new home. Great stuff having them and the grand kids so close to me. Now instead of about 45 mins away – they are less than 5. Awesome!
  • Had an interview from one of the jobs that I applied for.. Still don’t know anything yet. Read about it – here.
  • Also will be interviewing this Thursday with Encore Fellowship. The short elevator pitch for me is – this is a way for an over 50 person that has retired that still wants to use their experience. Since I have always worked in the corporate world (and I want to give back) – I would like to pass on my experience to the social sector.
  • I am now writing once a week for Az4Education. Check out my stuff over there. I am still trying to get comfortable writing about something else. By the way, if you would like to donate – I would really appreciate it.

The Not So Good:

  • Years ago, I had my left hip replaced. The pain was so bad, that I could not really do much. I was coaching ice hockey and after a one hour practice, I was spent for a couple of days. I have healed nicely from that! I knew this day would be coming and it is finally arrived. The past couple of months, the pain level on the right side has been getting worse. Last week, the doctor said – up to you when you want to do the other hip. It is time! So, in October, I will be going through a hip replacement “again”. I have a great doctor – who did an outstanding job last time. Expectations this time – no different!
  • The daughter!

    The moving help was much appreciated! Words can’t even describe how much we value the help you have been to us, not just with moving, but with everything in general. We love being closer to family and are so lucky to have both you and mom!

  • You’re Welcome..