Retired Guy Series: Update

What is happening? What is going on? It has been over a month since the last series update. Seems like the right cadence for those that want to follow what is up with the “retired” guy.


  • There has been little change to my overall “second” career. I have applied to a couple of positions that I feel fit my interest and passions but have not heard back from any of them. I have had a couple of positions that have reached out to me via resume reviews. Those opportunities (some good, some not so good) are something that I know I could do, but really don’t fit what I want to do with my “second” career. So, instead of wasting time – passed on those. I hope that I am not being too picky, but selective enough to make sure that I will be happy and successful. The one big disappointment in all of this is the total lack of communications on the hiring side. You get the automated message – “we got your stuff” and after that – the black hole. If you have hired, some automated message would be great back saying – done. Makes me not want to work for any company that does not treat people better than that. I know there are probably thousands of resumes sent in on any job, but not communicating back – seems like a missed opportunity.
  • I am still doing some volunteer work. I have already accepted a director position with AZ4Education. I will be helping out with marketing, scholarship fund raising and awarding scholarships to needed students. I also am helping one of the elementary schools navigate their way through social media. Haley Elementary was given the okay by the district to go ahead and jump into Facebook and such. So, I am helping the principal and administrative staff with getting this kicked off. I am waiting for the final acceptance on the fingerprinting in order to help out with Valley Big Brothers, Big Sisters. Should happen soon!
  • Lastly, from those that follow my twitter @stevebellnow – you all know that I had some minor surgery to my knee. Torn meniscus needed some clean up! I don’t have any great story on how it happened, sorry. I just completed my first week after surgery and have to say that everything is going well.

I think that monthly will continue to be the cadence for updates… Until my “second” career begins. Then I can really start to share some great stuff. Thanks for reading…

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