First Round Done – What Are Your Picks Now?

Round one of the NHL play0ffs is in the books. Done! I have to say it was a very exciting round one.. Can’t wait to see how this next round goes. How did you do in round one? For me, I was just okay. The picks that I made that are did me proud are – Vancouver, San Jose, Washington, Boston and Tampa Bay. That’s right I got 5 out of 8. My two teams that I picked from my original post – are still in it (Washington and Vancouver).

Now that we are down to 8 teams – time for me to keep going with my picks..

  • Vancouver and Nashville (Vancouver).. I know round one was shaky for my overall winner pick.. I am sticking to this pick (for now).
  • San Jose and Detroit (San Jose).. Simply put, the Red Wings beat up my Coyotes pretty bad. I know the Red Wings played well, but the Sharks will do me proud. Have too many friends that are in the San Jose Area.
  • Washington and Tampa Bay (Washington).. The style change for Washington has proved a very good move. My pick to make it to the finals moves on.
  • Boston and Philadelphia (Boston).. I really had the Flyers leaving in the first round, but they played an awesome game 7 to stay in. Do I think they can continue? Not really, shaky goaltending. This pick is more for me, to give a nod to my Boston friends.

So, like my picks? Think I am full of it? What are yours?