NHL Playoffs – Who will Win it ALL?

For me, this time of year is awesome. The NHL playoffs are getting ready to begin! When the playoffs start the crazed hockey fan gets out and about… For the second year in a row – my Phoenix Coyotes made the playoffs! I will be participating in the traditional “White Out” that came with the Coyotes from Winnipeg for the playoffs. If you have gone or seen the white out on TV – it is an awesome experience. Sitting in the stands all dressed in white.. Working on my tickets for attending this year…

The playoff’s this year has some really interesting story lines. For me, I had Vancouver winning it last year – but I have a really good feeling this year (as they are the top seeded team). Will the Eastern Conference top seed, Washington Capitals make it to the finals? How about my own Phoenix Coyotes playing the Detriot Red Wings again this year – Can the Coyotes win a playoff series? I am counting on it this year.

Who are you top predictions for making it to this years Stanley Cup Finals?

Mine are – Vancouver Canucks -vs- Washington Capitals. With the Vancouver Canucks winning it all… I know they are the top seeds. There is more behind my picks this year. Washington Capitals are actually playing defense this year. Something that had caused them early outs in playoffs past. I am still worried about goalie play for the Captials but I am going with it. Vancouver has one of the best goalies in the league. Defense wins championships..

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