Top 10 Items Asked or Said…

I have been retired for a little over 3 months… Meeting people is something I love to do. I am truly a people person. When I run into folks that I don’t know or people that are old acquaintances there usually is the small talk about who you are, what are you doing and so on… When I say that I am retired – I get some very interesting looks and comments.

Here are some of the Top 10 items that were asked or said (with comeback):

#10 – “Wife works, so like being a kept man?” This one is open to so many great comebacks.. Like sure do! Worked all my life for someone else to take care of me. Jealous.. I usually just laugh.

#9 – “Really? What was a matter, they get rid of you?” I guess Intel needed to get rid of me. My usual response is, I needed to get rid of them. 28+ years in one place is a very long time.

#8 – “Sick of getting up in the morning are you?” I go with – Not really, I still get up around the same time, just don’t go into work. Go to the gym instead 6x per week to start the day…

#7 – “Must be nice. I wish I could trade places with you?” Probably a compliment again. My usual answer is – If you want to be retired you can. Just start working toward that goal.

#6 – “What are you going to do with yourself now?” This one is pretty good. At first, I did not have a really good answer for that.. It took me awhile to get a solid answer. Which is – I have been pretty busy with the honey-do list, writing and looking for a second career that I “want” to do..

#5 – “How does it feel to just sit around the house all day?” I quickly add, well I am not sure. When I get a chance to do that – I will let you know.

#4 – “Ever wish you stayed working?” I don’t take very long to answer that one. My standard answer has been, well, I have been working not just for an employers paycheck. If you are asking should I have stayed at Intel. Well, no – it was time. See #9…

#3 – “Cool!” Gets a big thank-you from me..

#2 – “What’s a matter you can’t find a job?” Why do people think you are defined by a job. I usually say, no – but I do enjoy volunteering and giving back..

#1 – “You don’t really look old enough to be retired.”  I guess for me that is supposed to be a compliment, but sometimes when I am with some older folks (working or not) – it gets a little be awkward. Is there really a look to be retired? Maybe some more grey hair, a cane, walker, wheelchair or what? I usually reply by a thanks, but what does retired really look like?

Being retired does not mean you stop working and just relax.. Well, not for me anyways. I am just as active – in fact – I would say I have more irons in the fire than ever before. Retirement is what you want it to be.. I want it to be for me – working on things that “I” want to do, volunteer and give back, if a second career is in the cards – so be it and lastly – like when I was working for a paycheck.. It has to be FUN.