Spring Break Travels

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This past week, was spring break for my wife from school. She gets 2 weeks off to get ready for the reminder of the school year. Those 2 weeks have been a blessing over the years, we have used them as a way to get out and travel some. Since I am now on a limited retired budget, we did not have any big plans or any trip way out there. So, we did a nice little trip to Las Vegas and then drove over to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Not too far from Arizona, but out and about, just the same.

Las Vegas was way of celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. We usually like to give Las Vegas a couple days during the year. See what has changed and if any of the construction that we saw the last time get finished. Usually we add a show to the mix, but not this time. I surprised my wife with reservations out to dinner on our anniversary. We ate at Alize! We had an awesome time. From the moment that we were greeted downstairs until we left – the staff welcomed us with happy anniversary. The view from the 56th floor of the Palm’s was awesome. When the food came, we were not disappointed. 30th wedding anniversaries do not come around often (maybe less now than ever) and we did it up nice!

After coming home for a day, we set out to drive to Albuquerque, New Mexico to meet up with family that lives there. Driving across country for some people a welcome task. For me, I am not so sure about sitting in a car for 8 hours or so, when you can get there within 45 minutes by plane. The drive there took us through Payson, Arizona. We had not driven that route before and it was nice to get a look at spring time in northern Arizona. Our time spent in Albuquerque was to catch up with family! We did that and enjoyed a nice soccer game while there (Myles way to go)! Heading home we went another route down through Tonto National Forest and Globe, Arizona. All in all, we got to see much of the countryside between Arizona and New Mexico. There is not a lot to see, but some of the views are just outstanding.

We got accomplished what we set out to do… Enjoy ourselves, celebrate and have special time with family. Mission accomplished!

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