Az Government – Where To Begin…

I have written only a few posts that really get me fired, but up not in a good way… This one is one of those that I really have had to craft very carefully. I am a very long standing Republican and have been normally a supporter of what the party stands for and most of their actions, but no longer. I have been struggling with the party for sometime now. I am completely fed up with the Republican party. There are two reasons that just have sent me over the edge. Immigration reform legislation introduced has shown a side that I do not want to be associated with. Flat out wrong for even thinking  this stuff. I have had a long standing argument about cutting education and now I have to say that all but one Republican voted to cut more cuts in education from the Republican governor’s proposed budget. I believe now is the time for some real change…

Do those Republicans have kids in Arizona public schools? Maybe some of them have grand-kids – are they in Arizona public schools? Do they really think that cutting education in Arizona is a good move? Have they read how well (or not well) the students in Arizona do in comparison with other states? We may not be dead last, but with continued cuts we can be guaranteed to get closer. What were they thinking? What are they thinking? Do we have to continue to see party affiliation be the death of true change?

Here is a thought? You want to cut education’s budget, fine how about cutting the salary of the newly elected Republicans to their political seats? How about the new Education Superintendent take a leadership role, much like other business leaders in times of crisis? Take a salary of $1 until things turn around. Let’s add all of the state elected “leadership” take a $1 salary until they turn around the budget..

Why continue to cut education? Simple answer – they all know we will not let bad things happen to our kids or grand kids. We will do whatever we must to make sure that they are taken care of. School District’s and cities will have no choice but to put up bond proposals or increase to taxes to help offset the funding cuts. Hell, it has been happening for quite some time. It will continue if the state does not get their collective act together. Here is what it looks to me – the federal government has failed to really make anything done in education work.. They love to pass it to the state’s to handle… Now the state of Arizona is failing to make anything done in education to work… So, let’s pass it to the school districts, cities and their communities to make it happen. What next?

  • Pass it onto the teachers?  Well, my wife the teacher gets paid less per hour than minimum wage. She uses that salary to help fund her classroom. I doubt we can squeeze more there.
  • Pass it onto the parents? I mean, 100% home schooling with no help or oversight by the state. Have one administrative person send out all testing necessary. The total cost will be close to nothing.. Stop and think for a minute what you envision the future to look like.
  • Make public school pay per instruction? Wait, that is almost like private school. What I mean is no funding for any school (public, private or charter) from any of the state’s funds. Many countries have close to that situation – how well is it working?
  • Get smart and really refund education? Tough task and one that needs to happen. Are our leaders today capable of handling that? I truly doubt it.. They have yet to demonstrate any real ability to change anything.

Anyone else fired up? Anyone else really sick and tired of what is happening? I have some actions that I am going to do..

  1. Changing my party affiliation to independent.. I can not continue to say I am a Republican – when I do not support the party…
  2. I will continue to be active in education (site council, volunteer in classroom).. I plan on getting more active – by attempting to get myself more involved where I can make some changes… School board, city council and maybe state government. It is time to really make change – I am sick and tired of hearing it and not seeing it..

How about you?

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  • Brian

    “and maybe state government”? Be careful what you ask for! I know you well enough to know that you want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. I also know you well enough and believe enough in you that you could make a run for a official postion. Are you seeking two underpaid roles in the household?
    Best of luck. You know you have supporters in whatever direction you take.

  • If you want to really make change – actions speak louder than words. Right now, I am seeing some actions that are just not productive in the long haul. Time for a true leadership vision on what the state would like to be known for, would like to be in 5, 10, 20 years and make sure that Arizona is not a black spot on the USA.

    @Brian – thanks for your support! Whatever direction I may take…