Retired Guy Series: Vacation

What a title! Retired Guy and Vacation on the same line. Some would say, retired people are on vacation everyday. Well, that my seem true, but it far from the truth. Since my time table for doing stuff now, is different; I run into plenty of retired people. We don’t go about doing the same things with the working folks at the same time. When I run into a retired person and we start talking – I ask them, “What do you fill your day with?” Here are some of those responses:

  • Exercise – almost all of them commented on going to a gym, trainer or walking programs at the mall.
  • Work around the house – there is always something to do (gardening, fix stuff or just clean)
  • Volunteer – I found that almost all of the retired folks that I have come across they volunteer helping out one charity, non-profit or whatever at least 2 to 3 times a day. I wonder how many hours of volunteering goes on from retired folks? I also wonder if the potential budget cuts to programs – how many fewer volunteer opportunities will be available? What a loss of some value resources that will be when volunteer opportunities dry up…
  • Read and social network – The reading part I fully understand. I have been very busy getting in some reading time. I have more time to just sit and power through books. At first, the social networking part caught me off guard. I knew that Facebook was going to be pretty heavy use (just look at the growth statistics). When I ask deeper, I get other things like community forums, message boards via LinkedIn and others.
  • Spring training baseball games – the Cactus League is alive and well.. Many of the folks that I have come across go to or volunteer at spring training games. They are out there having fun… I got to go with my daughter, son-in-law and grand daughter to the Dbacks and Angels game! Was the first game for my grand daughter – what a day.

For me, the past two weeks were filled with meeting up with many of my old collegues. We got caught up on each others lives and happenings. I had a couple of folks that used the time to get my perspective on something that was happening at my last place of employment. I guess the retired guy has some wisdom to part. I continue my quest for my second career. With a few real opportunities taking shape (after vacation).  From my last post, my wife and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary with a couple of small trips. I hope that the next installment of the Retired Guy will have some breaking news…

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