Observations That Just Get Me Fired Up!

Today, I have noticed more than a few items that just fire me up. Well, maybe it has been coming for awhile. Not sure if I am being too sensitive (Wait, me sensitive? N0 way!) Here are some of those things:

• Telemarketing calls – right at dinner time (well anytime for that matter). We had the do not call list – and that maybe has slowed some of the calls – but, not all. The only enjoyment I get out of those calls – are asking them to hold while I place the phone down and finish eating.
• Mean people – why not smile? I have been told that it takes less muscles to smile than to frown. Be happy – well, try anyways.
• Celebrity arrests and the stupid comments afterwards. We also could put the train wreck called Charlie Sheen in this one.. Not arrested but some pretty stupid comments. Too much airtime! #winning (not)
• Getting back to the office from lunch to see the cleaning sign across the door. Why right after lunch?
• Annoying cell phone ring tones, especially in the office area. Use the vibrate mode – please! This one and many other ones like it – were the inspiration for Cube Farm Etiquette and Violations.
• Cell phone talking drivers – what more is needed to be said here. I am not saying that we should not multi-task, but if you are going to use your cell phone – use a hands free device. Frankly, your multi-tasking skills are not that good.
• Sending out anything (job application, email or whatever) that just seems to fall in the black hole of cyberspace. Follow-up when follow-up is necessary!

Do you have any to that fire you up?