Leadership Lessons From Watching Football

Yesterday, was the big Super Bowl game. It is the big show for to end the another football season with two teams playing to be crowned champions. Millions of people watched.. Some watched football and many watched for the commercials. I watched for both. I really tuned in to watch and see if the Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, was going to finish his magical season in style. Why is his season magical? Simply – he has been under the microscope of critics and fans ever since he was named starting QB over Brett Farve. Watching him handle the past three seasons has shown some of the leadership lessons that many can learn from.

What has he shown the world?

  • Leading by example… Has this season been a complete success for him? Some would argue – yes. He won the Super Bowl and was named MVP! I think he has had a very good season overall. He had games where he would be the first person to tell you, he did not play as he expected. In fact, he has said that…
  • Humility… He has gone about every season since he has been named the started with just doing his job. Passing praise on his team mates. I think the biggest thing that demonstrates his humility is what he has never done. That has been drawing any additional attention onto himself. That comes from both on and off the field. He goes about his business the right way!
  • Overcoming adversities… There has been lots of talk about the season that Green Bay has had with adversities and such. During the game, we got to see Aaron handle those almost every series he was on the field. Dropped passes from many of his receivers – did we see him once get in the face of his team mates? No, he just went onto the next play! I bet at times he probably was pretty frustrated, but he just overcame it and produced when he needed to.
  • Keeping his eye on the goal… I wonder how many times a question has come in that had the words Brett or Farve in them? I wonder how many times he has been asked about will he ever be top flight QB and win a championship? Did we read about him and the off field antics? He had a very lofty goal and he achieved that goal.

So, set your goals high… work hard to achieve those goals… don’t let anybody or anything distract you from achieving those goals… and be humble once you have reached those goals.

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