Retired Guy Series: Job Hunting Continues

I wrote last week, that I was finally getting back into searching for that next thing that I want to do with my time. Jobs are good. They pay some of the bills, they get you out and interacting with human beings and they make you think (for the most part). I am now ready for that again.. Hey, I haven’t been sitting around doing nothing.. I have been somewhat busy…

  • Resume updated and posted to a few job boards (as mentioned last week). Took a little time to get the formatting up to today’s standards.
  • Been discussing options on what to do with many other small business folks. Looking to see if I want to offer up my services in other arena’s. So far, I have had two very promising options. More on those if they pan out!
  • I gotten most of the Honey Do list completed! Still have a few more big items to go, but overall pretty good progress.
  • Volunteered at Haley Elementary a lot this past month. I believe it is almost 20 hours! Field Trips, Science Project judging, classroom activities and Site Council. Also joined Create the Good – from AARP. Create the Good is an organization that helps to organize all of the various volunteering activities in your area – in one simple location. Giving an easier way to find something that I can do without spending too much time trying to find it! More time volunteering than looking for opportunities.
  • Watching my grand daugther! There is no better time spent than being with her. She keeps me busy and makes me laugh. Someone told me that being a grandparent was going to be special. Boy, we they right!

On the job front.. I have applied for four different positions. Three of them were from the job boards and one of them was from a non-profit site. After two weeks – NOTHING. From everyone I have talked to, they pretty much said that you will be lucky to hear back. Going the job board route or sending in your application – is like putting stuff in the black hole. I have to now figure out – how do I see what is up… Am I still being considered, rejected or in the black hole. I guess follow-up is necessary, but when is too much – too much?

Looking forward to the next Retired Guy Series… Hopefully, I will have something big to report… Or maybe I will find out where that black hole is… You will just have to stay tuned!

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