The Series – Retired Guy Looking for Second Career

As many have read, I retired just shortly after the new year started. Nice start to the new year – no job! I knew going into this retirement that I planned on wanting to continue to work. I am not sure if there is a right age for retirement, but my age is too young. Crap, I have to let the cat of the bag, I am 52. I want to work… So, I thought why not blog about my experiences along the job search and beyond.

What have I done so far:

  • Dusted off the old resume and updated it! Since I was employed for over 28 years – I needed to start from scratch. Not like the old school resumes are going to work in today’s environment. I went out and purchased a couple of recommended reading books.
  • Posted my resume on a couple of the job boards (Ladders, Monster, CareerBuilder). I have noticed an increase in my email SPAM. So, I set up a new inbox for all job related items! Two weeks into this, I have gotten a lot of emails for insurance jobs and a few franchise opportunity emails.
  • Updated LinkedIn… As soon as I put an update that I retired, the notices from my network came flying in.
  • Set up a few searches on the job boards to help me narrow down my searches. I couple of them have already sent me weekly updates with jobs that I maybe interested in. Nice! Well, maybe not. So far, I am not overly impressed with what they recommend for me.
  • Got some personal business cards at the ready. Never know when you could run into someone that could help you out. Can’t use my old Intel ones.. My email was turned off the day I left.

Next steps:

  • I am still trying to figure out what I really want to do for my second career. I do know that I am looking for something that will be about 10 years in length. Something that covers to the two passions that I really get me going. The first is managing and leading teams – I have had a blast doing this for almost 27 years. I want to continue that! The other area is in the social media space. I really enjoyed my time implementing internal social media for a large enterprise. Being that workplace evangelist would be so much fun! This time around, I really want to make a difference.
    • Was thinking that maybe I could take my leadership abilities to a non-profit that deals with children (that has a need for someone with a social media passion) and make a difference!
  • Need to set up more networking opportunities. I have a circle of folks that really are good at networking. I have to take advantage of their skills and improve upon mine. I usually am not a wallflower – but when I get in those networking settings, I like to watch people first. Get a lay of the land before jumping in. Have to stop that!
  • Continue to learn how to find a job in today’s market. I guess I have a lot to learn (and hopefully share).
  • Start getting interview opportunities – It has been quite awhile since I have really truly interviewed for a job. I usually am on the other side with the questions. Need to practice a bit..

I know there is much more that I should be doing.. Maybe a few of you can share what you have done.. I really am looking forward to seeing if anyone out there is looking for a slightly used but still has lots to give employee. I have lots of experience and love to learn… I hope to write weekly (or so – depending on what all is happening) about this new journey.. Maybe we all can take this ride together…


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