World Gone Crazy

I don’t often want to write about what is happening around the political arena or close to that space. My opinions and views on this topic are mine. Sharing is not necessarily a good thing, in my opinion. I vote! I do want to express my views on what happened this past weekend and the overall coverage that has been given to the events on Saturday in Tucson, Arizona. After shootings the media so often focuses and make famous the shooter. There has been way too much press and attention given to this very disturbed person. Too much speculation on “why” he did it. Too much talk on arm-chair parenting from many experts.

What happens when we spend all that time on that disturb person?

  • Other disturbed people could see this as a way for them to seize an opportunity. Stop the beyond 15 minutes of fame for those that do not deserve it! We don’t want any copy-cats…
  • We try to put answers to questions we can not answer. Why? Do these so called experts really know why? We have gone through the political, mental and back again. Do we really need to spend all that time getting into his head? Anyone ask him?
  • Those why assumptions – have helped to focus on many items (as misguided as they may seem). In my opinion, some of those are good and bad. Having folks jump all over Sarah Palin for her comments in the past – not so good – too self-serving to drag others into it. Our political rhetoric and fighting going on today – seems a good place to put blame if you have to.
  • We give only a small amount of time to the victims of that act. Sure the congresswomen Gabrielle Giffords and Judge John Roll have gotten more than the others (Christina Taylor Green, Gabe Zimmerman, Dorwin Stoddard, Dorthy Murray and Phyliss Scheck) but overall they should be who we really hear about. All of them!

Red flags after the fact can be and are being pointed to. When you are in the moment, do you really “see” those signs? What would be better is to truly communicate to the public all (not just this persons) of the red flags that may help you “as a parent, family member or friend” can use to help you “see” the early warning signs of trouble.

Let’s stop with the focus on the disturbed person behind the attack. A little more focus on those victims and focus on not having this happen again… Please!

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