Teaching Others

For the last four months, I was able to do something that I was very passionate about – teaching new managers! Working as a manager for over 27 years, I think I have learned a couple of items along the way. When I was approached about doing this, I jumped at the chance. Why? Couple of reasons, the first one is I love to share my experiences over the years with anyone that will listen. The second, this gave me an opportunity to give back to the employee base. I say the whole employee base, because as a manager you touch more employees.

At first, I was a bit scared. I wondered if I could do this. Many folks kept telling me – I would do great at it. I still had some doubts. One thing that I did not lack, was the excitement of teaching. I was supposed to co-teach the first session with an experienced instructor, but she was unable to attend. So, off on my own I go! Jumping into anything full on, is not a problem for me. So, I jumped in and it was all in. I was hooked. The session went great! The students were engaged and interaction was awesome. The feedback scores and emails from the students was outstanding. I was hooked! I quickly told the coordinator sign me up for as many as you need to get covered. I also filled in for other instructors when they could not make it.

I truly believe that more people need to step up and do this. One major reason is that it helped me – learn. I had to go back to material that I had seen, used and bring up examples to illustrate the material. I was able to relate to my experiences with the “new” managers in a way that made it easier for them. Managing is not new… Having an instructor that has walked in their shoes, lived what they are living and is not afraid to share – well, that is powerful stuff. It helped me a lot. Want to keep yourself sharp? Teach others!

At the end of the year, I got a complete surprise – I was voted one of the Instructor’s of the Year. I went from afraid, scared; to all in and loving it; to getting recognized for my efforts. Did I see myself as instructor of the year? Nope. I was just one experienced manager that wanted to give back and help out the employee base before I left. What I hope is – I get the opportunity to continue to teach “new” managers or slightly experienced ones in the future!