Just Doesn’t Feel That Much Different

On Monday, 1/3/2011, it retired from Intel. I had one major roller coaster of emotions that day. You don’t spend 28+ years of your life and not run through each emotion. When it finally came that time to turn in my laptop, I was definitely feeling happy and sad at the same time. Nothing like fighting yourself with emotions. Now that 2 days have passed, I don’t really feel it yet! Why? Maybe, it is the fact that this is feeling like a continued holiday vacation.

My day has changed a bit… I don’t have to fight an alarm clock! Never liked those things… I can change my gym time from 6:30am to anytime in the morning. I have chosen 8:30am, but am not happy with that time – too many people there. The biggest changes are no driving into the office and logging into my work account. Pretty much everything is the same.. I open email (for my personal accounts), read my RSS feeds, get caught up with the folks I follow on twitter and spend time figuring out where I want to take this site.

Maybe in a week or two, I will start to finally realize that a lot has changed. Maybe I am just trying to hide those emotions for now.. Either way, I enjoy my new routine. Saving some money on gas, saving the environment with one less car on the road during rush hour and my dog enjoys having me home during the day!

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