Bored? SPAM Review

Over the past two weeks, I have been hit with a big dose of email SPAM… So much that I want to share.  Started out this morning with a clean inbox and within the next 4 hours I got over 30 SPAM emails. I have no reference to is that a lot or not. To me – it sucks.

So, lets take a look at the wonderful SPAM that I have gotten:

  • eCard from someone I don’t know and am to afraid to open it! Nothing good can come from reviewing that eCard.
  • Education Grants for those that qualify – I am afraid that I really don’t want to get another degree and I have a pretty good idea that I don’t qualify. Thanks for caring about my education, but I am not in the market.
  • Latoya wants me to become a nursing assistant. Not sure who Latoya is. I really have not given my second career a thought about nursing or a nursing assistant.
  • iRenew Bracelet – Got 2 of those in about the span of 10 mins. I guess I need one of those bracelets bad!
  • Accutane Warning – Never had acne, so I guess I probably don’t qualify for that either.
  • Term Life Insurance – Prudential Financial Company  and American General. Really not looking to add additional life insurance to my expenditures at this time or anytime in the future.
  • Facebook Survey – They want my opinion and are offering a free gift.  I’ll pass!
  • Approval Department – they have my holiday cash waiting for me.  Well, thanks for offering $1000, but I just don’t want to click the link.
  • Avandia Settlement – So, the US Senate Panel is investigating Avandia diabetes drug maker. Thanks for the heads up, but I don’t have diabetes. Plus, I think that you can get the name of everyone that has used the diabetes drug rather than SPAMing me.
  • Opportunity is knocking with a sledgehammer from Print Money System. I am always looking for a good opportunity but not with a sledgehammer or something called Print Money. Just afraid that it all my be a bit too much.
  • Credit Score Alerts… Well, there are so many of them that I just don’t want to list them all. Enough already. I have a monitor on my credit score already. Leave me alone.
  • Cars Sales.. Got a couple.. Year End Clearance of 2010 from Auto Dealer and SUV’s from Anne. I know we all need to push that inventory of 2010’s because soon the 2012’s will be out. Need room on the lots. I’ll pass.
  • UNUM Policy Denials – was my UNUM claim denied? Don’t have UNUM, never put in a claim, don’t know what this is.. Move on..
  • I can conquer the language barrier in 10 days from Language Learning. I don’t have a language barrier.. Others may have one with me, but I am fine.
  • Drowning in Debt? FileConsumerBankruptcy is here to help. Don’t need that yet! Hope to never need it.. Worked hard all my life not to need it.
  • Electronic Cigarettes wants me to take up smoking. I do love a good cigar from time to time! I have a lot of electronic gadgets!  This is one I don’t think I need.
  • DirectBuyAlerts keeps trying to get me to come in and win $50k home make-over. I get one of these every hour on the hour.
  • USA Honor Society wants to recognize me! Thanks for the honor, but I really don’t deserve it!
  • Big Settlements for Foramax users. Another drug gone bad… Not one that I have taken. Don’t they have records for users? Leave me out of it!
  • Millionaire Society has heard I want to be a millionaire! Don’t we all? I really am not a get rich quick kind of person. I want to work hard for it – for a long time. Keeps me busy that way.
  • Hip Replacement settlement – I know I had a hip replacement a couple of years ago. My doctor has already informed me that I hip is not the one in question. Again, I know there must be records of who has what – use that first.

That is a snap shot of what was in the SPAM folder… Seems like if I want someone to give me something for nothing – I just need to look in the SPAM folder – there are plenty of options. If I have taken any drug or had any surgery – there will be a lawsuit waiting in your inbox.. Selling with email SPAM – does it really work? Not from me.. This time of day, I was missing all of the dating emails… I guess that is the late night emails. For now, I just keep getting them – empty my folder about 2x per day and laugh from time to time!