Change Is A Good Thing, Really!

How many times have we all heard, “I don’t like change” or “Change is never good?” I hear it all the time. Frustrates me to no end. People complain about what is happening today, but yet they don’t want to change. Why complain? How about doing something about changing the situation. Afraid that change will be good? Afraid a bad situation, may become better? People are funny sometimes. So, how do you make change happen? I have three things that I like to do to help with change (as a leader and workplace evangelist)

  •  Model the change. Demonstrate the way you want things to change through your own language and behavior. Often, seeing someone doing something first gives people the courage to try it themselves. Especially, if that change is bringing about some solid results.
  • Turn negatives into positives. Find ways to re-frame people’s resistance as opportunities for change. This requires that you listen carefully, understand the underlying reasons for the opposition, and address them directly.
  • Find allies. Chances are someone else in the organization wants the change as badly as you do. Find that person and pool your resources and ideas.