Last Internal Blog Post

Many people outside of Intel, heard or read the tweet about my last internal blog post. Looking at that post, I can not see why I would not share this with everyone. I hope you enjoy reading it!

Well, the time has come and this is my last blog post in Planet Blue. I have looked back on my career, time at Intel, time blogging and the relationships that I have formed. Many of my posts have already covered some of that. I have thought for awhile, “what would be my last post.” Many of you have sent me emails – wondering what that last post will be about. It has been a struggle to decide. I can honestly say, I have written and rewritten this post 10 to 15 times. Sounds silly, doesn’t it?  What do you say to a bunch of folks that you have spent many hours, weeks, months and years with? What last words of wisdom could I share? Here goes…

  • Thank-you’s: Check – I have said my thanks to many key folks in my career – either in a blog post, email, hallway, cafe and on the phone.
  • A glance back upon my 28 years: Check – many blog posts have shared stories. Many teambuilding dinners, happy hours, tweet-ups, 1:1, I have shared my stories.
  • What I like about having worked at Intel: Check – have many blog posts that bring up the very best of my likes. Over the past month, many of you have asked that question directly. I have given you my honest opinion. I truly have enjoyed myself. Sure, there were tough times – times that I had to do things that I really did not like, but I had to them anyways. I believe that the good far outweighed any of the bad.
  • Shared my knowledge: Check – I have been blogging to put down forever my thoughts and knowledge – so that when I have completely left the building – I have left a piece of me digitally. I also have spent a lot of my time as a manager coaching my people. I hope that my coaching will be passed on by them to others.
  • Given my all: Check – I don’t know what more I could have given. I was blessed with working in the factories and doing some amazing things. Accomplishing milestones that no one thought possible. Working around the clock on first silicon to insure that nothing was slipped in my area. Attempting to be a role-model for whatever I was doing. I truly believe that I have given my heart and soul to every task that I was assigned.
  • Had Fun: Check – without a doubt, I have had fun. Even in the toughest of situations, I have tried my best to make sure that we had fun at work. Maybe sometimes folks thought it was a bit too much – well, it can never be too much.

My old team in Oregon got together one last time to hold Last Supper with Steve. They opened up the Wellington house and brought food, drinks and fun – one last time for me.  We did many of the mentioned above that evening. We thanked each other, we shared stories, they asked me my best times at Intel, I shared my knowledge or opinion on anything asked and we had fun. Goes back to my previous post – all about the people.  I was completely humbled by their gesture. Dedicated bunch of Intel employees, but most of all great people.

Coming up soon is my official retirement party! I have been thinking about that moment and how it will be for me and my family. It is hard to really put into words. Of the 28 years, 25 of them have been wondering the Chandler Campus. I have had a cubicle in all buildings but CH6. I wonder how I missed that one? Anyways, I want to end my last post with a clear message… It is something that I have lived with and communicated out to my teams as my simple philosophy.

  • Be knowledgeable in your field. Stay on top of your skills. Be the Subject Matter Expert!
  • Do what you say you will do; everything. Your words and actions are the only things that you totally control.
  • Have fun doing it!

I wish each and everyone of you nothing but success and happiness in the future! I know Intel will remain successful, due to the people that work there!

What do you think?

  • Jeff Hanlon

    Hopefully you left out the story of the brutal lunch with a certain sales person at peanut bar. I hear the flashbacks are regressing. It is awesome working with!!

  • @Jeff – I remember that like it was yesterday. Why? It was just one of many direct and action oriented meetings we have had. Brutal – never… Focused and to the point – yes… Thanks for all you did for me in the past!