Need For Better Safety Precautions

I for one am not big on having our government in our daily lives, but maybe we have to. Over the past month, when I am driving around – I have been observing and taking mental notes. Some of the things I have witnessed are –

  • 3 out 5 female drivers are driving around on their cellphones glued to their ears.
  • 2 out 5 male drivers have one finger stuck in their nose while driving around.
  • Putting on make-up has become a sport while driving.
  • Over 80% of observed city (any city) workers are have cellphone in their ear while driving around.
  • Still I hear on the news of yet another youngest falling in the backyard pool.

What is happening out there? Are we too distracted to follow some basic safety rules? Do we think nothing will happen to us? I wish we would step up and make some necessary changes to improve safety for all folks.

  1. Every city employee must use blue-tooth or headset technologies while driving in city vehicles. No law needed, just a mandate by the city to insure that their investment in their folks is insured some. The added bonus is the rest of us, can drive about more safely. Some of those city vehicles are a bit large and require two hands to drive safely.
  2. A law needs to be put in place for hands free driving. When I go to CA, they have that law. I forget at first, but after a quick look around, I remember. Has this made the streets and highways in CA any safer? Depending on who you read or listen too – the opinion is mixed. I say, let’s err on the side of caution first. Make hands free a reality in AZ.
  3. Personal hygiene must stay in the house (or the workplace bathroom). Let’s face it – we are busy and in a rush all the time! Putting on your make-up or shaving while driving is probably worse than the cellphone. Focus on the road!
  4. Watching our children is something that we as parents are supposed to do. All the time! Everywhere! Especially when there is water around. It turns my stomach to hear about a youngest that has fallen in the family pool. We must insure that they are safe.

I know I am not alone with many of these items. I really think it is time for personal ownership and social responsibility to kick in here. We must add safety into our daily lives. The life that maybe saved – could be yours.