House Projects – Always Scope Creep

What is it about anything that you do around your house that makes it seem like the simplest of projects just grow and grow? Scope creep is just a way of life with every single project that I do around the house. Why? At work, I really have that problem. Why? Is it because I have much more experience at scoping out my projects at work? Not sure..

  • At work – I have stakeholders that I am accountable too.. At home – only one clear stakeholder.
  • At work – Set up a project plan.. At home – do the same thing.
  • At work – Really look at every possible alternative or risk that will come up.. At home – maybe not so much.
  • At work – have a budget to work within.. At home – have a budget for sure, its our dollars.
  • At work – review of the project is set.. At home – well, maybe not so much.
  • At work – closure on the project when completed.. At home – closure sure, usually means done and onto the next project (like work).

So, looking at that list – there definitely are a few things that I could do better with the home projects that I do well, within the work projects. Clear definition of all alternative, risks and necessary contingent elements. Take order new desk for home office. We focused on the colors, the size and what to do with the other older furniture. What was missed some was the amount of work cleaning out 10+ years of stuff. The carpet needed to be replaced. Now the color on the walls maybe a bit of a problem. Under-scoped that project a bit.. Reviewing the project really happens when you are doing most of the work yourself. You just do… I think I have added more things to that to do list, because of every step I found something else that needed to be done (or should be done).

I need to really do a better job of practicing everything that I do at work, at home too!