New Managers – My Job Now?

During teaching the “New to Management” series a question will come up around what is your REAL job. What is it? Do you know? Do you really want to know? When you first become a manager, this is probably something that never was discussed. Or at the very least not clear enough for you to really understand. Have you sat down with your manager or leader to ask straight out – what is my real job and what are those expectations?

If you did – that is great. You probably feel better off – at least know what you will be judged on. That helps. In the program we focus on having SMART goals for the individuals. Should you have SMART goals for yourself?

If not, then don’t you think you should have that discussion? I do!

I am going to try to upload that into a bite size post that really points to what I think I need to do everyday. You probably will hear or have heard that you are here to GET STUFF DONE. Well, yes that is true. Maybe your manager is very quality focused and they added a few more descriptors – GETTING STUFF DONE REALLY, REALLY WELL. Think about that – is it too far off from that discussion? (For those still waiting on having that discussion – listen for it!).

Realistically, all of us managers are here to get work done through people… We have stuff that we have to do, but we have also have much more work that we need to get done by our folks. You are a facilitator of much more work. So, what is it that you must do each and everyday? We need to INSPIRE people, every day. How do you do that? Some simple reminders…

  • Love what you do
  • Demonstrate it each and everyday with passion and enthusiasm
  • Keep a smile on your face

Inspire people to believe in the company vision and values! Figure out how this all applies to your people and communicate it. Watch how it works… Enjoy how it works.. STUFF IS GETTING DONE REALLY, REALLY WELL.