Mini-Series: New to Management Kick-off

Last month, I made a post about new managers that was called, You’re The Manager Now! From that post, I got plenty of emails asking for me to expand on this a bit further. Over the weekend, I was writing out an outline to help me fiqure out how I would accomplish this effectively. Time for a mini-series…. I will be posting over the next several weeks on my take on leading individuals and also leading teams. Should be fun…

Basic outline that I came up with –

Leading Individuals:

  • Knowing your people
  • Providing Direction
  • Monitoring Work
  • Developing your people

Managing Teams:

  • Team goals and foundations of roles and responsibilities
  • Team processes and procedures
  • Monitoring tools
  • Team development for longer term capabilities

There has been much written about this over the years. Some of it is not new. What I want to accomplish is helping any “new” manager come up to speed quicker and be more effective faster. A one-stop shopping for managing here at Spin-O-Rama…

Looking forward to comments over the next several weeks on the topics, examples and maybe some healthy challenges. Thoughts?