Cube Farm Violations (Out of Control)

I posted over a month and a half ago, Cube Farm Etiquette. For most of us, this hit home. Here is the problem – behaviors have not gotten better. I guess everyone thought I was really just kidding. Well, I am not! So, next up is my list of violations to the simple rules – in just 2 days.. That’s right 2 days…

Day 1:

  • Cell phone not on vibrate… Again – some ring tones are cute and all – but they are annoying. Knock it off… Vibrate is simple and easy.
  • Loud talkers that were talking with their mouths full. There is a auditory and visual that needs to be wiped from our cube farm.
  • Phone that just rings and rings… SAC please.

Day 2:

  • Cell phone again not on vibrate..  I forgot too! Calling out myself.
  • Loud talkers.
  • Personal phone calls that shared probably not what the rest of us wanted to hear. We tried not to, but we heard it.
  • Personal Hygiene – Coughing up a lung! Stay home and get better, please.
  • Desk phone using speaker phone.

 What to do? Time for Cube Farm Etiquette Violation Tickets… Here is my attempt at a quick and easy form to use.


  • Kristen Walczewski

    I like it. I always try to keep my phone on vibrate or silent. I also leave the office area to take calls. I’d love for this to also apply on public transportation…sick loud smelly people are awful on a crammed subway.

  • Sounds like someone has too much time on their hands to be complaining about this type of thing. Get over it!

  • Has nothing to do with “time!” Observations happen, thoughts happen, words go to digital page.