Tip: Dealing With The Nay-sayers

Being a new manager (and even an old, experienced one) – dealing with folks that are very quick to criticize is going to be something that you will run into (from now till forever).

You are going to hear things like:

  • That can’t work
  • It’s been done before or it’s never been done before.
  • We don’t have the time, money of skills

What to do? It is easy to get frustrated and jump on the because I am the boss or blame someone from the top on the change. Problem is – you are not building the trust of your team.

I like to put a different spin on it… Ask the person that thinks they are right, “Do we agree that there’s a problem or opportunity?” “Do we agree that we need to take action?” Most times you will never get a no.. When the problem or opportunity is stated well – the answer is normally – yes! If not, look at your problem or opportunity statement.

Now, comes the fun part.. Since we all agree on the problem or opportunity – time to put it on the nay sayer.. “What do YOU think we should do?” Add “Be specific!”

And don’t forget to thank them…

Anyone else have something that works for them – please share…