Q: “Why Do You Use Social Media for Leadership?”

Story starts off with a person and myself standing outside the C2 Cafe. The story goes something like this (cut out all the how you doing, retirement stuff and how is the family).

Person: I like you blog posts of leadership and even some of the “other” ones. “Aren’t you a like old to be playing in the kids game – social media that is?”

Steve: “You are only as old as your feel.” No one likes an answer with a question, so I follow up with: “Why is social media a kids game?”

Person: “Not sure.” Followed by the “Why do you use social media for leadership?”

Steve: Great question.. I think you just gave me a blog post idea for the answer… I use social media because I see some definite advantages to blogging and participation in discussion forums. List below are those advantages that I get from doing this.

  • Blogging about leadership helps to organizes and crystallize my thoughts. I started my internal blog about 3 years ago… I quickly learned that by putting my thoughts to the digital paper it help me take the concepts from my head, organize them, do some research and convert to action. As Covey would say, “Sharpen the saw.”
  • Reading other leadership blogs adds to my knowledge base. There is a lot of information out there, so you may have to trim down your list of what you like, what you don’t like – to get to what is manageable. Bottom-line is leading and managing is a life learning. Keep learning… Social media brings that to you easier.
  • Social Media is my road test. When I put something out there, that I am not sure about or think is a bit too early – the feedback is immediate. Getting others to comment on your material helps to reinforce or bring up a different point of view.
  • Participating with other leaders helps you. I participate in a few outside forums and have been active with many of the folks that I think do a pretty solid job. Many of them – I have never met in person and probably will not. Getting their information, advice and comments – help to shape my thoughts. And I did not pay them for that. Where else can you discuss Greater than Yourself with the book author and not have to pay for the consultation?
  • Being active, helps me stay current. As stated before leading is a life journey and staying on top of what is happening – helps me a lot.
  • Potential Opportunities. Hey I would like to say that I have made dollars from my social media leadership activities – but that would be wrong. But, what it has done for me is help others! A personal gain. I also have had some decisions on consulting after my days at Intel. Maybe I will get paid for my activities – that is not the reason that I do this. But, I will not turn a blind eye to a great opportunity.

Maybe you can benefit from it as well… Up to you!

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