Found It

I think I have found what truly gets me going! A little over a month or so ago, I was asked if I wanted to teach an internal training course. It is a “New to Management” Program that was developed in house for our brand new managers. Since I was down to my last 130 days of employment with the company (remember past post, I am retiring to kick off the new year) – figured why not. I have been experience and looked forward to giving back. I was completely excited about the opportunity and couldn’t wait to get started.

Two months later, I have completed 2 sessions of virtual training on “managing individuals” and “managing teams”! This experience has lived up what I was expecting. So much so, that I want to share my experiences to date:

  • After reviewing the material and looking for those opportunities to share my experiences with the material – I got to reflect on my years of service (28+) and the many experiences that I have had. Some of them were extremely good and some that were learning experiences. Walking down memory lane was awesome.
  • Getting familiar with the materials helped me to connect with many of the principles that I follow and some that I had forgotten. Managing is a learning journey that never stops.
  • Virtual classes are difficult to gauge how well everyone is doing with the concepts, examples and activities. From the questions and discussion in the classes – I can say that many of them were engaged. 25+ students and only one person scored the held my attention below a 5. Many comments from the students, centered on my excitement, energy and commitment made the virtual class better than expected.
  • I got to share a lot of my examples! I truly love telling stories and especially those “good old days” ones. I enjoyed sharing the stuff that has worked, what didn’t and what I learned.

I really felt like I was on top of the world when I completed each session. The classes went well, the discussions were rich and the class participation’s really seemed to enjoy themselves. Feedback afterwards was awesome to read! I am truly re-energized from the experience. So far over 25 new managers that I have shared my experiences with – I got to listen to what they are going through and the issues that they are facing. How can I not be excited about at least 3 more sessions each till I retire? I asked for more – if possible…

Maybe I will continue this – once I retire. I think I found something that truly hit home with me…