Reflect Back on Yourself

Maybe it is this time of the year, maybe it is the fact that I just completed Strengthening Manager Skills, or maybe it is I took time out to revisit the last month of activities and seriously thought about what I was doing, not doing or how I felt about everything. Every once and awhile I have to take an inventory of what all I am doing…

I look at my calendar in the past, revisit my OneNote‘s and sit in the corner of my home office and grade out how I feel I have done and where I need to work on. My  calendar revisit is to help me with understanding where I have put my priorities. I truly believe that if you want to know where you prioritize your time (hence your focus) look at your calendar. My OneNote review – gives me a sense of the discussions, AR’s and I normally put my two cents worth (opinion) on the meetings or sessions. After sorting through those – I have a pretty good feeling as to what in the world was my month truly like.

The questions that I try to answer is – Am I actually leading as I want to? Am I true to myself? Am I doing the best that I can?

The answers this time around definitely were not as solid as I like.. In fact, I think I am slipping into something that I do not wish to happen.  With all that is going on, with discussions around Plan, workforce, organization health, team morale and some of the quality issues – I was definitely not leading – because I felt that I was taking a victim stance. You fail to lead when you act from a sense of helplessness.

Here are the signs that you maybe taking a victim stance:

  • You take no action until you have satisfied that you have complete information. That you understand all the steps and risks involved. This means you fail to act and nothing happens.
  • You wait for authority and permission to act from those higher up on the organizational ladder.
  • You expect senior management to provide you with all the answers and the solution to your problems.
  • You avoid conflict by not raising issues and concerns which need to be address for any real change to occur.

True leadership happens when we make the decision that what happens around us is our responsibility. One of the hallmarks of effective leadership is the willingness to accept responsibility, to become the change we want to see in the world. Truly empowered leadership occurs when an individual comes to the realization they are the problem! That they are responsible for the problems in their life, the frustrations they feel, for their responses to circumstances and for how they feel.

Leaders adopt an empowered response toward life, they do not allow life to just happen to them. They have decided to own their life and their future, by acting everyday to create the future they want. They have accepted their responsibility to act to make the difference.

Some helpful questions to answer for moving forward are:

  • Do you have a vision?
  • Do you act as an owner of life’s circumstances and your future or more like a victim?
  • Have you decided to begin the journey of learning how to act on your vision and create the future that you want?

I guess a good thing is, I have recognized a few of the victim items and am taking steps to correct them. I feel from time to time, this happens and when it does – it is time to get out of that funk, quickly.

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