Love the Term – “Bosshole”

Today, I was reviewing some of the tweets and found one from TheLeaderLab –

My first impression was this is a great way to explain the person that is truly a nightmare of a boss. The one’s that go beyond the norm of making a few mistakes. You know, the one’s that just plain do it wrong all the time. The term really is easy to use. For me, I did not have to spend too much time thinking about all of the boss’s I have had or have worked in their organization before I could visualize the true bosshole’s. When I am teaching “New to Management Classes” – I stress this key phrase, “We all have had “good” boss’s – copy what they did well. We all have had “bad” boss’s – use their bad examples as what not to do!”

This got me thinking – why have I not heard this term before? Seems simple and perfect. So, off I go to do a little research. Nothing in wikipedia – yet.. Simple Google search found a few things.. First was a MP3 of a song, Bosshole – from the album An Introduction to the New Boss – released January 1, 2004. Next up was a book, The Sweet Potato Queens’ First Big-Ass Novel: Stuff We Didn’t Actually Do, But Could Have, And May Yet; by Jill Connor Browne. This was published April 15th 2008. There was also a blog post by Bob Sutton – that he talks about his term, Hassholes – and a friend shares the Bosshole term with him (January 13, 2009). So, the term has been around awhile, but is gaining in popularity..

I bet there are more than a few stories that can be shared on the Bosshole front. I would love to hear a few… Please share.

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