Can We Add to the “Do Not Call”?

Remember the Do Not Call Improvement Act in 2007, that later became law in Feb. 2008? How can we get some more of those annoying calls that we do not want added to that list?

The annoying calls that I am writing about at the wonderful political calls that are robo called to us around election time. The cheap and easy way to reach out to voters. When do they normally happen? Around dinner time or slightly after.. You know the time that you are supposed to be spending family time together. Interrupt family time! The topic of discussion switches over to the call and the purpose of the call, but not in a good way (usually a simple no way am I voting for “that” person!). How can we get those added to that law? Wait, that would probably mean that those exact folks that approved the list for those sales calls – would have to put their own campaigns on the list. Let’s not hold our breathe waiting for that to happen.

For our household, we are a house divided. So, we get to get both parties lovely phone calls. After keeping track of who called, who called for whom and which party called.. The loser party with the most calls were the Republicans. Senate John McCain topped the overall list – his voice was on my answering machine three times. Since this is computerized – did you really have to call me three times? I have to seriously revisit the party that I follow. In an earlier post, I commented that I was not going to vote for anyone that called or had some call with their support on a candidate. I lived up to my promise. I did not vote for any of those folks.

When will some of our law-makers step up and put an end to that behavior?

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