What Was said, What Was heard!

We all know that communication needs to be two ways. We have the sender that says something (“What was said“) and a receiver that hopefully heard the message (“What was heard“). They do get mixed up from time to time. Over the past, weeks I have been communicating, listening and adding some of my peers to this discussion. Below you will find a list of some of the more humorous “What was said, what was heard”.

What Was Said What Was Heard
Be More Assertive. Make them agree with you.
Scope is not clear. That’s not what I meant.
Your data is misleading. That data makes everything look bad.
You’re a bit too aggressive. Being a “B” (male or female version)
Think out of the box. Heard all your ideas before, get some new material.
Emerging Market Strategy. Moving jobs offshore.
You always offer ideas on how to improve. Too opinionated.
Viewed as a SME by peers. Total Know It All.
Keeping it real for me, thanks. Better use a “filter” (don’t say that) for others.
You’re doing great! Probably has no clue how I am doing.
Fly under the radar. Don’t tell anyone – what they don’t know will not hurt them.
That is not what I meant. Bring me a rock exercises are fun, not!
Disagree and Commit. Just agree with me, it is much easier.
You are too valuable to the organization. No transfer for me.
Need to be more open-minded. Have to get alone with everyone.
That will not work. Not invented here, so of course it will not work.
Site strategy. More compressed office time.
That should be Zbb Nights and weekend work.
Only the best and brightest work here. Someone is full of themselves.
It’s confidential. It’s a test… Will I or won’t I tell someone?
Put your corporate hat on. Suck it up…
Let’s bin that. Ok, now that one is dead.
Take it off line. Done listening or Shut the hell up!
That’s Steve being Steve. Ignore him; he will eventually go away.
Not a good idea in this environment. Didn’t think of it, so we are not going to do it.
You’re a solid team player. You are not a leader.
Too foster better work/life balance involve teammates. You’re too slow at this task.
You take a very direct approach. You sometimes leave a trail of dead bodies.
You need to find a new outlet to support your career passion. Your career desires don’t fit within this group.
One-way rotational What the heck? (Trying to rotate me out?)
Is it done yet? Moving a bit slow.
Sorry, I was on mute, what you say? Not paying attention (mute your ears?)
Your Program or project is not strategic. Time to update the resume.

We all know there are more.. Please share…