Do Recorded Phone Messages Work?

Is anyone else sick and tired of the recorded phone messages? Over the past 3 weeks, I have been using my home office everyday and have been just bombarded by recorded phone messages… I have 4 wonderful examples.

  1. Political candidates calling for your support at the polls. I have gotten way too many of these. My favorite is getting them multiple times from the same candidate. Since it is automated – you would think the system would say – we called them already (once is more than enough).
  2. So-called leaders calling in support of another candidate. My favorite are those that I have never supported and will never support – giving a recommendation for someone else. I was seriously thinking of supporting that candidate, but since they have the backing of an idiot.. Well, not going to follow that one.
  3. Doctor offices calling to remind you about your appointment. I am all for calling to remind me, but not with a recorded message. That is just tacky. If you can not be personal about it, don’t do it.
  4. I got something yesterday that I was shocked about. It was a recorded message telling me that they had seen my resume and want to discuss a potential opening that I would be suited for. Shocked by it being a recording. I decided to listen to it again. No mention of my name, the job opening or anything to do with me… Just call them. Nice… Delete…

Have we gone away from all levels of personal touch? I was wondering does anyone really listen to the end of those messages? When I have actually picked up the phone and it starts out with the automated message.. I wait to see who it is, the support needed and then write down the name. This way here, when I do go to the polls (and I do go to the polls) – I will make sure that I support the only candidates that have my views and did not bother me with these annoying recorded phone messages (that is a very short-list). Since some of my favorite candidates have already called – I have sent them an email, stating that they need to stop blasting the recorded messages or my vote will be lost. Yes, I am only one vote, probably will not have an overall effect on some of the candidates, but my voice will be heard.

  • Completely successful in not voting for any of the candidates that did the robo phoning. It was only the primary run-offs. I have a feeling that this tactic is only going to get worse for the general elections.

    Is there a way to get these on the Do Not Call List?