Ever Get a “Bad” Feeling?

From time to time I am asked how do I know when to decide one way or the other? Sure we would love to have all the necessary data to decide which way to go. Sometimes that just is not possible. Where data is missing – something kicks in. We all have our own special sense of knowing what is right or may not perfect, but good enough. I have laughed at times and commented that my gut tells me. I truly don’t believe that it is my stomach telling me, but it is a feeling that I get that just knows. Feelings – not very scientific, but what are they. To me they are the experiences that I have had and the information that I have collected over the years that gives me the push for the actions that I chose. Ring true to some folks? Look back on growing up – how did you know not to touch the hot stove? Parents told you to, but yet you did somehow experience it (hopefully not getting burned, but close enough to know). Dating – always a good one… When you found someone special – how did you really know? Had to kiss some toads (experiences) to find the prince. 

New experiences come everyday. How do you usually handle them? I say, we usually form our opinion rather early on and act on our feelings first. As much as I like to think that I am very deliberate and cautious on these things, I am not. Meeting people for the first time, do you size up the person across from you? Do you draw on your experience with others to help understand this person better? Do you look at the company that this person keeps to help form some understanding? And yet, we have to remember not to judge the book by the cover…

Feelings are real.. If used properly they can help you make decisions or what course of action to take. Those feelings are your experiences and information that you have gathered! Use them wisely.