Life Changing Decisions – What to do?

Everyone has moments in their life that could be called life changing. Comes with the territory of life. What do you do? How do you come to your decision? For me, I am now at one of those cross-roads that I need to make a decision. I am at one now. Do I retire from my current employer (as I do meet the criteria) . Since I have been working for them for over 28 years – and am just 50 years old – I really don’t see true retirement in my cards… But….

Decision needs to be made (retire or stay)… Time to put in place my usual way of handling such life changing decisions. Here is what I do…

  1. Pull out a tablet of paper – draw a line down the middle of the page. Left hand side – Pro’s (taking early retirement); Right hand side – Con’s.
  2. Find a quiet, early morning spot to sit and write down everything that comes to my head for each.
  3. After I have exhausted my thoughts. I asked my family to discuss this with me. As much as this is my decision, this is a family decision as well. My family is important to me and they are my number 1 supporters, their input is valuable.
  4. Grab some more of that quiet time to reflect on my information, what my heart is saying and what my family has shared with me. A decision needs to be made, and will be made.
  5. Communicate my decision to my family!
  6. Make my decision completely available to my employer – this has to be done by the end of July.

Many are probably wondering what is going on with this? Well, step one, done and am filling in the Pro’s and Con’s. Is there something that you use differently? Please share…