Day 15 and Maybe 16

It is amazing, no matter where you are and what you are doing – stuff has to come to an end. Well, this trip is really close to finishing up. We packed up our clothes (laundry now) and out gifts for families and friends. Each item we packed, brought back some memories of our time in each city. Morning broke and we had to finally leave the cruise ship and off to the train to London. Everything went extremely well – all the way into London. We took a cab to the hotel (again, lessons learned and applied). Room was not ready, so we dropped off the bags and went out to get show tickets for our last evening in London. The weather was hot again (well, warm and humid)! Our air conditioner experience in the hotel and theater – were less than cool. Either way, we were going to have fun!

Once back to the hotel, we started to gear up for our trip back home. Back to family and friends.. We had a very early morning wake up call as our flight was out at mid morning. Which was late leaving.. Late landing in North Carolina.. Good thing was the flight to Phoenix was late leaving North Carolina. We landed only 30 minutes late total! All good.. We were greeted at the gate by all of our family (daughter, son, son-in-law, son’s girlfriend and of course, grand daughter!). That was a great surprise for us… We really were tired, but see them – put prep in my step.

We finally made it to our house, our dogs and our beds… Trip done.. Loved it. Now to get back into the swing of things.